Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Who are we?

Watch Fr Rob’s Rector’s Report from the 2018 Parish Meeting

We remain steady in our discernment of God’s purpose for our parish to invest in the work of God in each person’s life.

In order to walk into this purpose, we see ourselves in this way:

We are called together in the bond of Christian fellowship to work as a community to invest ourselves and our resources in the work of God within and around our congregation. We believe that God is active in the lives of all people inside and outside of our congregation. We seek to discern where God is working and invest Christian fellowship, Christian growth and Christian service within the context of Christian community. We acknowledge that God calls each of us to serve Him in a variety of ways and places. We celebrate the Kingdom work and universal Church as others walk in the good works that God has already prepared whether within Holy Trinity or another congregation. We see our community of worship as not only a place of ministry but also as a platform for ministry as each of us lives out our call in daily life according to the will and purpose of God. We see the spiritual formation that occurs within the worship, teaching, fellowship, evangelism, and service ministries of our community as the process by which we become aware of God’s presence and purpose in our lives and act in that purpose in order to become fully alive in Him.

As a parish we are submitted to the authority of Scripture, formed by liturgy and Sacrament, and joined together as a community on a Sacred journey. (See Fr Rob’s sermon from Trinity Sunday 2018 beginning about minute 29:50)

As we walk together as a parish family, we invite you to tell us how we can invest in the work of God in your life and how we can help you invest in the lives of the people to whom God has called you. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us all evermore. Amen.