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You don’t have the proper certification – Reflection for Pentecost 2017

fe4ac98f1b2c76a9b10662e9caf8f180I love these passages given that they mock the work of man. Come on, God is doing something different and because Moses gathered the elders around the tent of the wilderness, it is assumed that everyone else is left out. The two men, we think elders, left behind in the camp have the Holy Spirit rest upon them in a different location than the seventy, somehow makes their prophecy less than authentic. Moses then hears about the mumbling and asks why are they upset ? Moses thinks that it would be great if everyone were a prophet Rules and rule breakers, everyone has to do it the same way or where is the order? A good question if you were talking about the issues of man, but we are talking about God. Could God not do it his own way? Look out here come the rule minders with the ruler to smack you hand if it is not done in a correct manner.

Jesus appears in a locked room and says Peace, and the apostles are standing in fear, not so much of Jesus but in fear of the Romans or the Jews, Jesus says peace to this place and then tells them they will receive the Holy Spirit. Not just them, now get this, but all who believe in Jesus as the Christ, for out of their hearts flow rivers of living waters. Time to wake up and realize the responsibility we have as believers. Out of our hearts living waters will flow. We are entrusted with the waters of life, do we even know that?

It seems to me that we have the keys for life abundantly, all we have to do is use them. Our words make a difference in the lives of people we encounter. The light of Christ shines through us into the world. We are what the Hebrews failed to understand and wound up codifying God’s Word instead of sharing and living it. Praise God that He knew what we are like and sent His Son on our behalf, so that we can be what God intended from the beginning in the Garden.
It is easy to speak words of spite, well he/she didn’t do it the way that Moses/?????? Did it. Pharisee, what is wrong with giving life to those who are in need? What is wrong with a smile, well I don’t feel like it, get over yourself. You want the Holy Spirit? You do not have to speak in tongues to have the Holy Spirit. Allow God to come in and fill you and live the life that is Spirit filled and become a river of living waters for the sake of the world. Amen.