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Trampled Wheat – Reflection for 23 JUL 2017

wheatI was greatly saddened this week over the discussion centered on Eugene Peterson. Regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with his opinion, the absolute hatred and vitriol streaming from self-identified Christians has no place in discussions of the Kingdom of God.

Closer to home, I had a discussion with a fellow pastor in a different denomination on the challenge of “church hurt.” He remarked that the greatest meanness that he had ever seen between two people was within a church. Some of you may have experienced this and some of us know people who have been so hurt by the church that they may never experience the true joy of the Body of Christ gathered in worship.

While some people may rightly focus on the judgement that Jesus promises in his explanation of the parable of the wheat and the tares, perhaps we should also spend some time on His warning about our current actions. Jesus warns His servants not to pull up the weeds lest they damage the good wheat as well. I wonder how much good wheat lies trampled from our efforts to pull a few weeds.

We will do well to remember that as we gather there will be good and fruitful wheat. There may also be annoying weeds. Let us remember always that the field and the harvest belong to the Lord. Our purpose is not to pull weeds. Our purpose is to produce the fruit of the Kingdom.