Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

The Gate is Grace – Reflection for 7 May 2017

i-am-the-good-shepherd2In John we find a clear statement answering the question of how to come to salvation and righteousness.

Bishop Felix in his presentation for the synod makes it clear why the reformation took place. The thieves and bandits are the behaviors that put additional restrictions and requirements that block the gate to salvation.  These two things are subtle and seems to make sense and appeal to the human side.

John is clear that grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone is the gate to salvation and righteousness. There is no qualifier following the clear statement that only through Christ is the relationship between ourselves and God restored. There is no requirement for good work or good donation to the church or proscribed action that goes with salvation.

We are restored without having to qualify or meet minimum standards and/or rituals before being accepted for salvation. This is the “good news ” of the gospel of Christ. Christ is the gate and the way alone any way other than Christ alone is false and a lie. When we give our lives to Christ it is important that we give our wills along with our lives. To do otherwise is to put our selves on par with God, and we become the thief and bandit. If you have not given to Christ your will along with your life, please repent quickly and be come one in Christ and Christ in you.  Amen