Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Just Do It! – Reflection for 26 March 2017

stjohnpa-orgSamuel is told by God to go and do. His response to God is that Saul will kill him, so God gives him a plan. He is to anoint the king that God has chosen. Off he goes, under a flag of peace, to offer a sacrifice. In the process he has Jesse bring his son’s past him so the Lord can pick the king. Seven sons, all strong, big and perfect image of king, none were acceptable to the Lord. Samuel inquires if there are more and the only one left does not fit the bill as far as Samuel is concerned, but God tells him to anoint David as king. Not really kingship material via outside standards, but God knows the heart.

Blind man healed because of a faulty question, who sinned that he is blind from birth? Jesus tries to set them straight and in the process the religious rulers scream blasphemy because you healed on the sabbath. So Christ heals the blind man in the manner of Adam becoming alive, he made a mud pie for the eyes, sounds like God making mud pies in the garden of eden.

Message, sin can not rescue or heal only the grace of God can heal or restore to wholeness what was broken in the Garden.

I am too old, young, weak or don’t have the right background for God to single me out for a mission of his choosing. Hockey pucks! God can work in anyone who will follow his directions. You don’t know? Why not try faith that God knows what he is about, all you have to do is be willing. God takes great delight in calling those that seem wrong for the job he has at hand.

Lord Jesus, take my heart and let it be true to you. Amen.

(Reflection on 1 Samuel 16:1-13 and John 9:1-41)