Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

It’s the Law – Reflection for 12 Feb 2017



Rules and regulations, rules and regulations, it seems there are always rules and I can’t do what I want to do. True, there are many rules and regulations in our lives, but when God gave us His set of rules they were for our preservation as a people. They are pretty straight forward, 10 rules, the first three are thou shall and the remainder are do not. Surely we can follow 10 rules?

Telling a five year old to play outside while you get ready to go some place is not the greatest idea in the world. They may be dressed and ready to go, but you did not tell them to stay clean while they play outside. They see no reason not to be in the sand pile, rolling in the grass with the dogs and jumping off the wall of the fire pit. They did not hear, stay clean and sit quietly, while I get dressed. They heard play outside.

Adults in the church and out of the church are no better and Jesus was fully aware of this proclivity for only looking at the surface, the letter of the law and not the intent of the law, when he addressed the crowd in his teachings. This is why 10 laws became over 613 to 1050 laws and commands. This is why it is impossible to keep the law.

Seriously, Jesus said to keep the law by keeping yourself from letting your mind take you down a primrose path. Thinking about breaking the law was tantamount to breaking the law.

HALT! IN THE NAME OF THE LAW! It is time to change viewpoint of the law, from don’t to do and prosper! Do this so that you might have life abundantly and prosper. Jesus came to give us life and life abundantly, regardless of where we are physically. Christ is the focus of life and the world rotates around Him, not the other way around. Christ gives us what we can not give to ourselves, peace in the midst of chaos. If you are in chaos why not ask another believer for prayer and let the mind of Christ be in you and the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort you. It is trite but,

Let go and let God !!!!!!!!!