Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Consolation – Reflection for 5 November 2017

IMG_3706 2We have fallen back, the leaves have started to turn, the shorter days and cooler (hopefully!) weather are just around the corner. The difference in season here in San Antonio is much less dramatic then what we experienced in Germany where the gray days of January through March threatened to overwhelm our memories of the beautiful summer days, the fall fests, and the Christmas markets. In many ways our spiritual life is similar. The times when we feel distant from God threaten to blot out our experiences of the love and joy of God. This is why small habits of thankfulness that recognize and remember our experiences of grace in the small everyday things are so important. This storing up of consolation strengthens and sustains us through periods of desolation.

Fall sunsets remind both to savor God’s grace in the moment and to store these memories safely away for times when His grace feels more distant.


Shadows lengthen
as day gives way to night
A gentle breeze carries
the hint of winter’s chill

The sharp edge of cold
threatens to erase
summer’s warm embrace
and autumn’s refreshing kiss

Wisps of cloud grasp
the sun’s last golden rays
hoarding color for the dark foretold
as pink deepens into purple

Green clings to grass
before the coming frost
renders fields bleak
with soulless brown

Yellow, red and orange
mix to paint the trees
while weathered hands wise with years

Gently pause

To capture this fleeting moment
for youth that longs for endless spring
and fools too busy to notice

An image, a moment, a memory,
a grace to nourish the soul
through trial of night
and chill of winter

This poem was inspired by a watercolor by Virgil Carter painted on site at the Comfort Art Festival.