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Betrayal – Reflection for Palm Sunday 2017

judas17webThe readings are long and I am looking at a small portion. Betrayal takes different forms, but the one thing they have in common is that they occur during the darkness of night or the soul when we are not observed or observing.

Judas betrayed in three parts. He made a deal before hand, then betrayed again at the last supper, and then finally he betrayed Jesus in the garden at night. Three times Judas betrayed Him.

Peter betrayed Jesus in the dark three times around the fire, not a simple betrayal but one with forceful words.

Each one of the betrayers felt guilt, shame, and emptiness.

Judas tried to change the outcome by returning the silver and that did not work.

Peter runs away and hides. His boasting is a shame he has to endure.

Jesus is not surprised by the betrayal, but I can’t believe he was not disappointed.

He got the answer to his prayers, the cup would not pass him by. The plan is going forward and Jesus goes forward.

What I am getting to is no matter what your betrayal might be, Jesus is aware and is dealing with it. You can think about how clever your betrayal is and you can try to find justification for it, but the truth still stands in the light.

Betrayal can not stand up in the light of the truth. Admitting to our fears and doubts and our deceptions in the light of the truth grants us forgiveness and peace and hope

We shake our heads as Judas and Peter betray Jesus and vow not to be like them, yet we have been like them!

This is the reason for us to struggle during the season of Lent. Our hope is to come, and we celebrate the hope on Easter or Resurrection Sunday.