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Altars to the Unknown God – Reflection 21 May 2017

3athensThe account in Acts of Paul at the Areopagus is an interesting account of what it means to interact in a society that seems to worship anything and everything. By rights, this letter should have a subtitle of ‘How to talk with people who live in the 21st century’.

Much like the Athenians we have built worship areas to many gods. There are the gods of technology, attesting to our prowess to manipulate that which can not be seen without the aid of microscopes. This is a powerful god in the 21st century. We have the god of humanism, which worships self as the grand designer of life. There is also an altar to the god of social issues, where acknowledgement of its power is demanded of all peoples. It seems to be built on the altar of anger and violence.

These are some of the gods worshiped in the 21st century, as there are many more gods, i.e. Finance, status, ego, power, oratory, sports, self and addictions that allow numbing and forgetting as their masters incognito.

How do you convey a message of hope and the love of God, through the resurrection of Jesus, to this world of many gods?

It is done by respect, not ridicule or mockery, which alienates, or the language of condemnation.
It is done through the language of rescue, redemption, of love, so as to encourage rather than judge.

It is the desire of the Father that all might be saved on the day of judgement, that the Father has preset for time to come.

Pray and offer the hand of Christ for the sake of the redemption of the world.