Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

A Time for Lament – Reflection for 8 October 2017

The events of the past several weeks have left me raw and unsettled. Like the Psalmist, I desire to be restored, but as much as I would like to accomplish this restoration on my own, I am also aware of my limitations. At times like this, the practice of lament seems the best way for me to hand things over to God, and so I offer you this lament in the hope that it may help you to offer your struggles and disappointment to God.frontpage1400x700Sepia

Why are you distant, O Lord

Why do you hide your face
You promise freedom and we are trapped
You promise healing and we are broken
You promise peace and we are killed
You promise love and mercy and
we are surrounded by hate and violence

You have allowed your people who are called by your name
to be deceived
A small, narrow truth overcomes Love
A small, narrow love overcomes Truth
Shouting overwhelms listening
Name calling replaces reconciliation
Anger and fear defy Peace

Why are you distant, O Lord
Why do you hide your face
You have blinded our eyes
You have sealed our ears
You have hardened our hearts
You have sharpened our tongues

We have tried to heal ourselves
We have tried to conceal our hurt
We have tried to earn your grace
We have tried to manufacture your mercy

Yet we remain apart from your grace
There is no health in us
We are trapped and only you can free us
Only you, O Lord, can heal us

Your ways are wise
Your promises sure
You are near, let us see you
You speak, let us hear you
Soften our hearts that we may love
Loose our tongues that we may praise

Blessed be the Lord
Who made heaven and earth
All creation sings your praise
We join our voices in that song
Praise the Lord, O my heart,
Praise the Lord