Holy Trinity Anglican Church

The Lectionary

As a community submitted to the authority of Scripture, the Lectionary provides the prescribed Scripture readings for the Daily Office and for worship on Sundays. The Lectionary may be found on the ACNA website.

The Daily Lectionary guides us through most of the Bible in the Daily Office. The Sunday Lectionary focuses on one of the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) per year on a 3 year cycle with readings from John’s gospel interspersed throughout the year.

For the church year beginning in Advent 2018, we will be reading he Gospel of Luke. It is often useful to read or hear the gospels in there entirety to get the big picture before hearing small segments spread through out the year. The Luke’s gospel is roughly divided into four major segments: The Nativity of Jesus (Luke 1&2), The Ministry of Jesus in Galilee (Luke 3:1-9:51), The Road to Jerusalem (Luke 9:52-19:28), and Jesus in Jerusalem (Luke 19:29-24:53). If you would rather listen than read, the links below are Fr Rob reading from the NRSV translation.