Holy Trinity Anglican Church

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You’re Invited! – Reflection for 15 October 2017

Wedding Feast of the LambWhen I get an invitation to an event or party, I generally have two questions, “Do I want to go?” and “What will I wear?”

If I don’t really want to go, I will search for an excuse or try to create a conflict in my schedule so that I have an out, much like the first group invited by the king in our Gospel parable. While I would love to say that invitations from God are different, in all honesty, I still ask do I really want to. When God invites me to a time of quiet and prayer, I often find other more important things to do. When God invites me to share His love with someone, I often remain busy with whatever “important” task I have chosen for myself. When God invites me to worship, my body may be present but my heart and my mind may be too filled with the worry, anger, betrayal, unforgiveness, and the troubles of the week. William Willamon notes that the key to ministry is recognizing interruptions as divine appointments.

The question of what to wear may seem a bit silly, but after 20+ years wearing a uniform and not having to make this decision, the options are daunting. Clerics or street clothes? Tie or no tie? Jacket or no jacket? The beautiful part of today’s parable is that the king provides the clothing for the guests. The only one that is dressed poorly is the one who chooses to remain clothed in his own clothes rather than the clothes provided by the king. We have the opportunity to be clothed in the mercy of Christ. Too often, I choose to remain in the garments of pride, judgement, and self-righteousness.

As the King invites you today to the wedding feast of the Lamb, the question remains, “Do you want to go?” and “What will you wear?”