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Will You Follow? Reflection for 2 July 2017

2trumpetsIn today’s Psalm, we hear “Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance.” The “joyful noise” of this Psalm is the trumpet blast that signaled either a call to arms or the sabbath rest of a festival. The trumpet blast is always a call to action, however, the action is specific to the season – a call to rejoice in the Lord, to battle in the Lord, or to rest in the Lord.

Madelene L’Engle claimed that when she came across an idea too difficult for adults, she would put it in a “children’s book.” In that same manner, Jenny Cote in her book The Ark, The Reed, and The Fire Cloud deals with the difficult adult problem of discerning God’s call to action in a conversation between the wise mountain goat, Gillamon, and the trusting Scottish terrier, Max.

After Max tells Gillamon about hearing the Voice, Gillamon responds, “Max, lad, this is quite the puzzle. There is always a reason for things. There is always a purpose behind everything, even when there is not an explanation. We must begin by not explaining what happened, but by trying to find the purpose behind it…Sometimes a question grows into more questions rather than a single answer. ‘Tis the way of life, Max. If there is a purpose for you beyond what you know, the all-powerful One— the Maker— always has a way of making it known. He will give you a revelation and show you what to do. You may not understand it. You may fight it. You may be afraid of it. But if it comes from the Maker, you can always trust it.” Gillamon paused and leaned in close to look Max right in the eye. “The true question is: Will you follow it, Max?”