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Who do you say Jesus is?

IMG_3301Strange reading on the gospel lesson. It almost sounds like Jesus is looking for an ego boost. Much like when we ask a leading question designed to improve our status or give us a boost or to show how important we are. Reality, Jesus is not asking an ego boosting question, but a probing question of the disciples. He is doing this to see how much they have paid attention to everything that has happened. Peter, God bless him, is the spokesman for the group, and answers with everything they have heard, during this period of traveling ministry. Elijah, the greatest prophet, Jeremiah, the prophet of salvation from exile, and of course we can not forget John the Baptiser.

What can we say about this answer of Peter’s? It does show that people are not making the connection of Jesus’ true nature and purpose for his ministry. They are not listening to the prophets. They are not listening to the Word of God. They are not listening to Jesus. The dots are not being connected and Peter’s answer tells Jesus what he suspects.

Then out of the blue Jesus asks Peter ‘who do you say that I am?’ Peter in a rare moment when his foot was not in his mouth, answers “you are the Messiah” the “Son of God”, bingo!, Peter gets it right and Jesus makes a very important point, that Peter’s insight is a revelation of God not of man. Wow!

How many times do we wander around the countryside asking questions of who is God and how can we know him? The Buddha, Socrates, and Confucius, are all good people and propose many good things, but none of them have ever risen from the dead and live eternally. Jesus is the Son of God the Father, and is alive never to die again, which he did one time in time for all of time for me. Why did I say me? He is my Lord and Savior, he died for the forgiveness of my sins. I turn to him for strength, direction, courage and life eternal. Who do you turn to for eternal life, strength, direction and courage? You see, I can only talk about my relationship with the Lord, I can’t talk about yours. If you have not accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, please invite him into your life now and be assured of eternal life and the blessing of God Almighty. Who do you say Jesus is?