Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Walking in the Light – Reflection for 18 March 2018

Jesus makes an astonishing statement. He says he must die and that he is the light of the world and that those who would be light to the world must follow after him. Then to top it all off, God speaks just at the time Jesus confirms his death. Thunder at that precise moment, I have my doubts, because if it were simply weather why would there be a recording of the event?All this must happen in order that the light might go out into the world. The promise is that we are to become the light of the world!

Ok, what does all that mean to me? One thing is that it is a challenge for each of us to do a self examine. Where are we becoming the light of the world? The Jews hid their light under a basket and thereby deprived the world of the light of God. Christ came so that the light of God would permeate throughout the world. Our job is to go forth proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How?

If we are to be the light it most likely means doing something uncomfortable. Talk with the panhandler, yea, he may be a mooch, but he still needs the light of Christ. What if I came to church not expecting anything from God, but only there to tell him how grateful I am and thankful for the blessings He has allowed me to have. What if I just came to worship and nothing else and the receive the gift of eternal life in the Communion? Yes, but, you say, you’re a priest, don’t you do that all the time? Do I? Maybe I don’t do it enough? I have to do it better than anyone else? No, the truth is that I am the same as you and deal with the same demons that you do, if anything I may deal with more demons, just because I am a priest.

My hope lies in Jesus Christ and nothing else, his redeeming work on the cross for my sins, big and little, sins nonetheless. Jesus is the hope for the world and the USA. We have a job ahead of us all, as only 20% of the population in the States are believers. Now is the time to offer hope to the world, our state, our neighborhood, our family, our friends. Pray for them and yourself, to be the light of the world that Christ calls you too. It is the risen Christ we proclaim, Share your hope with the world, softly and heartfelt, with all you are.