Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

To Be Reborn – Reflection for 12 March 2017


What does it mean to be born again? To be born of the Holy Spirit, is it painful? This rebirth thing sounds hinkey. Are you sure that it is for real?
These are questions that many are uncomfortable with as they feel they will embarrass themselves if they admit to being reborn.

Do Anglicans believe in rebirth? Let me answer with a question, do you accept the bible or buffet shop it for your faith?
This rebirth thing does it hurt? Yes, like the dickens! When you are reborn you give up the past of your life and accept Christ as your life in the present. Giving up old ideas and beliefs that have no structure in the scriptures is painful. Pride is one of the first parts of life that gets excised along with the idea or concept that you can do everything yourself and don’t need anyone’s help. Asking for help is one of the painful issues of rebirth. To insist that you can do everything yourself denies the fact that you are not the creator of all and it robs an opportunity for someone else to be a part of God’s grace.

Somewhere in the midst of faith there comes a point where you either cut bait or fish. Faith no longer has qualifiers, it is or it is not. To be born again is to be a new creation in Christ. Christ quits being only in the mouth and now Christ consumes the entire being. Where the idea of living without Christ in your life is not an option as you can not fathom living without the presence of the Holy Ghost in your life. You can not see the morning without praising God for the beauty of the day, be it rain, snow, ice, sun, it does not matter as you now view it as magnificent creation and an assurance of God’s presence in your world. Yes, be brave and be reborn in the Holy Spirit and become a new creation.