Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Preparing for Lent – Cultivating Humility – Reflection for 16 FEB 2020

   God places us in community and gives gifts to the community through each one of us. One of my favorite definitions of humility is, “Taking up the right space in community.” A lack of humility may result either in taking up too much space and crowding others, or it may result in not taking up enough space and withholding your unique gifts from the community. In either case, the health of the community is impaired.

   As we prepare for Lent, I invite you to notice the groups in which you take part. Consider the community within your home, within your neighborhood, within your work, and within the parish. Consider also the community you keep with God through prayer, reading Scripture, and worship. 

   In what ways might you be taking up too much space? Is yours the only opinion that is heard? Are yours the only needs or desires that are considered? Do you insist on having your way?

   In what ways might you be taking up too little space? Does fear or distrust prevent you from offering your opinion or presenting you needs to the group? 

   As a Lenten devotion, I invite you to prayerfully consider one way in which you might move towards taking up the right space.