Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

No Way… No…NO… NO!… OK

two_sons_detail_2I see no reason for me to go to church, my inner three year old insists. There is nothing there for me and I don’t like those people. They all act like they are happy to see me. I am not going, as my three year old goes into his tantrum. I am steadfast in my determination of staying home and not giving up what personal time I can scrounge for myself. You see, my three year old acts up a lot, especially when it comes to being around a number of people, then my wife speaks and my three year old wants to win the argument, but has to admit that after I get to the event or church I have a good time. I then feel good about myself as I did what was right, even though I refused to go in the beginning.

My cousin is different he will say yes to anything, as it relieves him of having to say no, all he does is not show up. He does not even give himself a chance to experience positive encounters and to develop a sense of community. Of course he is the first to complain that people don’t pull together anymore. He smiles to your face and then forgets you, making you believe that there is a relationship.

Jesus came to all of us, those who say no and do what is correct and to those who say yes and omit themselves from any relationships that are valued.
Another way of saying all this is with what we have heard before, ‘the church is full of bigots, phony people, flawed people, people who don’t understand, smiles of emptiness and meaningless platitudes. All of this is true and so much more. Those imperfect people are the ones that God sent His Son to save, people like me. We all have feet of clay and shiver at the thought of our finiteness. Yet, if we do what is correct, proper, suit up and show up, drag the body hoping that the mind will follow, maybe, just maybe, we might have a chance at understanding the love that God has for His Creation, you and me. Who knows some day that concept of grace and mercy may actually sink into our lives so that we can live the lives that God has intended for us, from the very beginning. Jesus Christ came to restore the balance of creation, to bring us out of our sin, ourselves, into the grace and mercy of restoration with the Father. Reach out and let God touch you in spite of all the noise of society, and live, live eternally, now and in the life everlasting of God’s Kingdom.