Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Name not Title, Our Title is Loved – Reflection for 6 May 2018

Christian is our name, not a title, but a name that goes on the back of our legal name.

I am Ed Morgan, Christian, who happens to be a somewhat retired Anglican priest. I follow my Lord Jesus Christ. I am His! He is in me and I am in him. He has given to me the Holy Spirit to comfort, help, guide and sustain with intercessions for me to the Holy Father. I am loved because God first loved me before I had a chance to love him.

Think about that for a moment, God loved you before you were able or willing to love him. That meant during all those times in which you and I were in our errant ways, God loved us. 

When we were in Arizona for our conference we went to Sedona, two hours north of Scottsdale It is really beautiful for being in the high desert and very striking with surrounding hills, filled with various shades of red and brown. It is no wonder why so many westerns were filmed in Sedona, it grabs the imagination. I digress, we found this little art shop named Adonai, of course you know we had to stop in and look around at the art. I am glad we did, for I discovered a beautiful piece of artwork that illustrates the scriptures for this week. It is a cross, which we are all familiar, but instead of the cross containing the corpus of Christ, it displayed a hand reaching down for the top of the cross grasping a hand reaching up from the bottom of the cross, graphically depicting God’s love reaching down to save His Creation. 

I can not tell you the intensity of emotions that overwhelmed me when I saw that, I was actually weak in the knees for the overwhelming act of God portrayed in that piece of art.

I later found out that the people who run the shop run it as a 501c3 mission of outreach. The proprietor of the shop is retired Army and recently completed seminary and was ordained 2 years ago and is 72 years of age. I didn’t get to meet him, but his wife is a walking testimony for all who would listen about Christ and what God has done and is doing. So, was the 2 hour drive worth the effort? Praise God, it was magnificent. 

If you are on the cross of life, are you reaching up to grasp the hand that has always reached down to you? If not, look in the mirror and find out why! Amen.