Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Missing Jesus? – Reflection for 30 April 2017


The journey of Cleopas and the other disciple to Emmaus is one of my favorites in the Bible. Luke’s use of dramatic irony allows me to laugh at the two clueless guys describing the death of Jesus to the one who experienced it. Unfortunately, in the midst of my laughter, I run the risk of missing the gentleness and patience of Jesus. Instead of correcting the two disciples, Jesus opens the Scriptures to them. Instead of turning them around, He journeyed with them. Instead of dismissing their grief and disappointment, He walked in it with them.

I wonder how often each day, I get so caught up in the tragedy, comedy, or irony of daily life that I miss the opportunity to  fully experience the patience and gentleness of Jesus? How many times do I fail to take notice of that burning in my heart because I am so caught up in my own story? How often do I bring my own preformed conclusions to my Bible reading and thus fail to recognize Christ? How often am I more interested in “fixing” the problems of others that I miss the opportunity to simply walk with them in the love of Christ?

What great grace God has bestowed upon us to be gathered together today. We have the opportunity together this day to pause our lives for an hour or so and rejoice in the mercy of God. We can see the irony of our lives that we know the Beginning and the End and yet worry about tomorrow. We can celebrate the patience and gentleness of Jesus as we sing the Kyrie. We can let our hearts burn as Scripture is read and taught. We can journey with one another and walk in one another’s hurt through the prayers and the peace. We can celebrate together as Christ reveals Himself once again in the breaking of the bread.

I wonder who I will run to tell all that has happened and how the Messiah has been made known in the breaking of the bread.