Holy Trinity Anglican Church

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Life in the Family – Reflection for 20 JAN 2019

Showing my age, a popular song of the past, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” sets the tone for this reflection.

Isaiah reflects that there is something coming that is going to be so great you cant miss it.  What is going to happen is fruition of God’s plan for creation.  God created man to have fellowship with him, to be family.  Yet, man somehow managed to make an example of what not to do, hence  man was kicked out of the family until he could get things right.  Isaiah knows that man is a creature of low threshold for the temporary joys of sin, yet Isaiah’s prophecy is for the prodigy of Adam to be as one.  No Jews, no Gentiles, just the people of God, back in the garden walking with God on a daily basis and relishing being in God’s presence.  Man will be one community, one body, one family and this is the encouragement that is found in the reading of Isa.62:1-5.

Going forward, we see Jesus being revealed earlier than he desired, but being a good son he does as his mother instructs him.  The glory of the coming together as family, one community is opened and the disciples see.  Jesus is revealed in community for the benefit of the community.

Looking at 1 Cor. 12:1-11, we see what some of the benefits of being in community are all about.  Gifts are given for the benefit of the community for the time in which they are needed.  The gifts given are not for the individual, but for the community.  As Jesus filled water jugs with the best of wine for the community so the gifts are for the community.  Do not think that the gift is for you, it is not!  The community profess that Jesus is Lord by the Holy Spirit, not by themselves, aside from the Holy Spirit Jesus cannot be proclaimed!  It is this proclamation that we are family and the gifts of the Spirit are given for the community so that we can say “he ain’t heavy, he is my brother (sister)” regardless of Jew or Gentile.  Proclaim Jesus is Lord by the Holy Spirit and ask if there is a gift that you can use for the family of God.  In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  Amen!