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Lead On Holy Spirit, Lead On! – Reflection for 29 APR 2018

Philip and the Eunuch is always an interesting part of the Book of Acts. Jesus has made his presence known to the disciples and told them what they are to do.

The Eunuch is traveling on the road, not by himself, as he was an important personage, he would have guards and servants along with him. The Holy Spirit puts Philip in front of the Eunuch who is puzzling over written accounts of what has transpired recently. This is an educated man, a man of means, a man of influence and reason and he is struggling over the text. Philip asks, very politely, if he understands what the text means. Being a smart man he says that it would make sense if someone could help him understand what it all means. Philip now has his chance and begins to explain everything about the text, so much so, that the Eunuch asks to be baptized. 

Philip asks one question, what do you believe? Here the Eunuch replies, ‘I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, he is the Son of God’, what a faith statement! 

IF, IF, if the Holy Spirit put you in front of someone of influence and power and they asked you what you believe, what would be your statement ?

Has the Holy Spirit put you in front of anyone where you can make your Faith Statement? Can you make that statement, you know, that Jesus Christ is Lord, he is the Son of God! 

I think it is amazing that the Holy Spirit operates in our lives and so many times we don’t follow through or allow him to take us out of our comfort zone and be place in front of a Eunuch, figurative speaking. 

Have you admitted, in all the years at church, that Jesus Christ is Lord, Lord of your life, Lord of your family, Lord of your work, Lord of your will?

Jesus Christ is Lord, and he is risen and lives! Amen.