Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Forgiven to infinity and Beyond – Reflection for 17 September 2017

Unmerciful_servant_punishedWow! What a story Jesus spins about the king and the servant. Forgiving the servant a huge amount of indebtedness. This is like having your mortgage company tell you your loan is paid in full and you have only taken the loan out last year. What a gift! This is really impressive, but the servant has to get greedy. It’s like an old saying ‘it’s ok to be piggish as you will only get fat, but if you get hoggish you will get slaughtered;. The servant got hoggish and could find no mercy in his heart after mercy and grace was shown to him. Slaughter time! Enough said about the servant, what about you and me?

I encounter all types of people who say they forgive others, just like the prayer, but hold onto something. I forgive you but…..and then there are conditions. Forgiveness does not come with conditions, well that is not exactly true, forgiveness begets forgiveness even when the person who is forgiven violates the relationship. Jesus spoils everything when he says forgiveness has no limits, seventy times seven, infinite forgiveness. That is a debt that garners mercy and grace in an ongoing relationship. Yeah, you don’t know how low a creature he is, she has done this to me before and I am not going to take it, and Jesus says forgiveness to infinity, and beyond (could not resist a little Star Trek).

It’s not right that I am forced to forgive him/her/them so many times, it’s not fair! Wash your mouth out with ‘Irish Spring’, how can you make that statement? Every Sunday we confess our sins to God Almighty, with the same words, and every Sunday we hear the pronunciation of God’s forgiveness upon us. How then can we possibly think that we are any different from the greedy servant in the story? Especially when I hear so often, “I can forgive them, but I can’t forgive myself”, who do you think you are? God! When we get self focused and forget that it is God’s Blessings we are enjoying, not our own efforts, because God is willing to forgive us for the same things time after time

Then let us accept God’s forgiveness and share that forgiveness towards those that we need to forgive. Christ paid for our wrongs with his life on the cross and then to make sure it would not have to be repeated over and over, he overcame death and lives ever more. He is Lord and we are his servants, bask in his grace and mercy of forgiveness.