Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Focus! – Reflection for 13 August 2017

image5Do you remember, maybe you never did this, getting a magnifying glass and sitting in the sun and focusing the sunlight,unless the light is focused nothing happened, to a small spot on leaves or paper and burning a hole or starting a fire that spread really, really quick? I do, and I also remember some of the other things I did with that magnifying glass, ouch. Jonah loses focus when he allows his feelings of anger against Nineveh get in the way of God’s mission to rescue a people lost in themselves. This loss of focus is so bad that God had to get Jonah’s attention. Talk about a fish tale or stomach as the case may be! Even then Jonah whined and stuck out his lower lip in the midst of taking the message to the Ninevites.

He walks into town and says to the Ninevites, if you all don’t get focused on God, he is gonna clean your plow, immediately, no more warnings. Jonah leaves and goes gets a box seat for the upcoming devastation. The people stop and repent and become focused and Jonah grumps. You just can’t make some people happy no matter what you do.

Matthew speaks of Jesus walking on the water and Peter boldly claims that if you are the Son of God command be to walk out on the water to join you. Jesus invites and Peter quickly jumps ship and starts walking on the water. Then he has an Elijah moment and is distracted by everything going on around him and starts to sink. Jesus reaches out to save him and together they go back to the boat. Peter lost focus when he allowed the world to lie to him. The world was saying the waves were powerful. The wind was strong. Peter you can’t swim. Are you out of your mind doing this.

In the days of 15 minute entertainment, kaleidoscopic advertising, electronic encounters of simulation and stimulation, our focus tends to be under severe attack. We lose focus really easy. Through study of the Word of God, being in community with God’s people, and worship we can refocus our lives and life so that salvation, eternal life with the Father, becomes a reality. Only through Jesus and Jesus alone do we find hope in hopeless situations of life. Confess with your lips, speaking out loud, and believing in your heart that Jesus is Lord, The Son of God, is there any hope to be found in the midst of the chaos of life. Jesus calls you. Will you answer?