Holy Trinity Anglican Church

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Filled – Reflection on the Baptism of Our Lord 7 JAN 2018

4540759969_115f1e748bBaptism can be in many forms and functions. There is the baptism for being a member of an organization, many churches have that requirement, it has nothing to do with being baptized with the Holy Spirit. For many it is as Paul found, an initiation. Churches are not the only organizations that use the symbolism of baptism. When you cross the equator in the navy, there is a ceremony similar to baptism. When you graduate from Marine Corp boot camp there is a ceremony similar to baptism. When you graduate from school the ceremony is similar to baptism. They all indicate a leaving behind and belonging to a special designation whatever that may be. None of them are as empowering, revealing, comforting, guiding, or life giving as having the the Holy Spirit fill your life.

And when Paul laid hands upon them the Holy Spirit came upon them. As Jesus was coming up out of the water and saw the Holy Spirit descend upon him as like a dove.Two prime examples of the Holy Spirit descending upon someone. It is interesting to note that the Holy Spirit does not come to visit, but comes to reside with you. If you have the Holy Spirit residing with you, it should be noted that there is no room for anything else to reside with you. If you are a believer in Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit there simply is not room for anything else to reside in your spirit or soul. The idea that there is a demon inside an individual, who is a believer, is ludicrous, there is no room for anything or one, other than God. Now we have that out of the way, it does not mean you can not still be tempted into a wrong action, that is the result of your willfulness through not listening to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to guide and comfort you.

You have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and you are God’s people (person). You have the gift of life eternal, the forgiveness of sins and hope everlasting through Jesus Christ. Rejoice and again I say REJOICE!