Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Come and See -Reflection for 15 January 2017


Some things are just beyond explanation. The more we try to explain or define them the less sense anything makes. In our Tuesday night group this week we wrestled with the contrast of intimacy and power in the start of the Apostles Creed. How can I believe in a God who is both Father and Almighty? Theologians wrestle with describing the immanence and transcendence of God. The liturgy and worship of various expressions of church ride pendulum between these extremes of intimacy and glory.

Our readings this week remind us that this is not a new challenge. Isaiah reminds himself of the intimacy of the LORD who formed him in the womb and called him before he was born. He sees the futility of his own strength and rests in the strength of God. Likewise, David celebrates in song the God who bends down to hear him and respond with the power to save him. Paul describes this volatile combination of power and intimacy as being at work within us. He even calls the church to participate directly in this paradox. The church gathered has been enriched in speech and knowledge by grace. Thus empowered, they have been called into fellowship with Jesus.

In our Gospel today, we see Andrew and another encounter this power and intimacy in human form. We do not have a record of that day they spent with the Lamb of God, but it must have been extremely convincing. We do have a record of Jesus looking at Simon and changing his name. Perhaps Simon Peter experienced in a moment the intimate  power of God as God incarnate spoke the name He had spoken as He formed Cephas in his mother’s womb.

How can the Almighty God, the creator and sustainer of all things, invite us into relationship with Him and each other? Some things are indeed beyond explanation. Some things you just have to “come and see” for yourself. When you do, what new song will God put in your heart and your mouth? How will you respond to the call of God into the power and fellowship of His Church? How will you answer as He asks “What are you looking for?” I can’t wait to see!