Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

Choose Well Grasshopper- Reflection for Trinity Sunday 2018

Those who are old enough remember the story of the Kung Fu TV series where the young novice was always being presented with challenges that sometimes seemed silly, but instructional. Grasshopper played by David Carradine grew into a fine monk with wonderful training and desire to be helpful, courageous, and humble. There were many flashbacks during the sequences showing how Kane learned the magnificent moves we all watched with drool coming down our chins, as he spun and jumped and blocked the bad guys. The series even went on to inspire some modern day Kung Fu experts today, not to mention the Karate Kid movies. 

What does this to do with Trinity Sunday? Look at the lessons from John 3:1-16, Nicodemus must learn about something other than what he already knows. He must learn about what it means to be reborn, reborn of the Spirit, not of woman? It is a major question even today. Approximately 10 years ago I was at a Synod dinner and across from me sat a Vestry woman from another parish and she was going on and on about those “other” churches that were believing in being reborn. Thank goodness, she finished with, we Anglicans “don’t believe in that silly stuff”. Before I could open my mouth, one of the elder statesman clergy told her that we most certainly did believe in being reborn of the Holy Spirit and proceeded to tell her where it is found in the Scriptures. Her mouth dropped in astonishment, she had never heard of being born again in the Holy Spirit! But here it is in John, bold as day. Why do you want to be born of the Spirit, read today’s scriptures especially Romans. 

There are benefits to being a follower of Christ that exceed following anything else you can think of, especially the world. To have the Holy Spirit to intercede for you, help you, guide you, and bless you, is more than what the world will do for you. The world will eat your lunch and criticize the chef that made the lunch. The world will leave you a hollow shell, always asking, “is that all there is”?
  Life abundant is yours. Assurance is yours. Freedom is yours. The Kingdom is yours as heirs. Family is yours. Don’t live in doubt, fear, worry, or as orphans, believe Jesus is the Son of God and accept the Holy Spirit and be born into the greatest family Creation has ever known. Amen.