Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

A Painting in Me – Reflection for 26 MAY 2019

Who tells you who you are? God calls us His image, His dwelling, His beloved, His children. He has declared this in Creation and redeemed us back into who we are through Christ. However, the world around us and the lies within us tell us that who we are, our value and worth, depends on what we do, how we look, what we have, and what people think about us. Part of the sacred journey is learning to hear and trust the voice of God about us, to let go of the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves, to lovingly call forth in others the Truth of who they are, and allow others to call forth the image of God in us. 

When we listen to any voice other than God’s as a way of knowing our value, worth or identity, we become less than who we are.

A Painting in Me

The palette lies before the artist
Bright colors of joy
Deep ochre of trial
Shades for every friendship
Stark white of tears
Oranges and reds of fiery passion
Cool tones of peace and rest
Gentle hues of love
Garish streaks of pride
The green of growth 
And the purple of regret
The palette of my life
Lies before the artist
The canvas of my calling
Waits stretched upon the easel
The brush of today
Sits posed in His hand
He will paint again
The portrait of Himself
In me