Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sermons and Reflections

A New Season – Reflection for Trinity Sunday 2019

This Sunday we begin the season of Trinity. The liturgical calendar also refers to this season as “Ordinary Time” or the “Sundays after Pentecost.” We move from marking our time moving through the great Feasts which mark the life of Jesus into a season of growth in our ordinary lives.This is the season in which we celebrate the life of the Church.

Like the rhythm and colors of the liturgical calendar, our weekly reflections change also with the seasons. In the seasons Advent and Lent, as we adorn the Table with penitential purple, our reflections focus on the prayer life of the Church. As we move to the Seasons of Christmas and Easter, as we adorn the Table with celebratory white, our reflections move to the Gospel, the Good News for all people which we joyfully celebrate and proclaim. As we move into the seasons following the Feasts of Epiphany and Pentecost, as we adorn the Table with the green of growth, our reflections turn to our life as the community of believers, the church.

During this season of Trinity, our reflections will move through what it means to live as the particular expression of Christ’s church which we name Holy Trinity Anglican Church, San Antonio. We will dig a little deeper into our commitments exploring what it means to be a community that is submitted to the authority of Scripture, formed by liturgy and Sacrament, and bound together on a sacred journey. We will look at what it means to encounter Christ together in the Body and the Blood of the eucharist, as His Body gathered as the Church, in the Word made flesh among us, in prayer and contemplation, and in the least of these. We will close this season by looking at some of our companions on this sacred journey, those among us and those who have gone before.

My prayer during this season of Trinity is that together we would grow in the knowledge and love of God, that we would experience the wonder of His grace, the power of His Spirit, and the Peace of His Kingdom.